...with the app’s Close Combat mode enabled; this allowed me to hear more precisely where enemies were and take in the groans of the undead.

- Tiffany Lyles The Verge Played Resident Evil 2

Whether it's the sounds of footsteps, a racing car or a large-scale battle, immersion will be more realistic than ever

- Auriane Polge, Tom's Guide

...Improving the acoustic environment not only increases the immersive feeling but also improves the skill
A blessing for PUBG players

- Shivam Gulati, Fossbytes

...Rancorous battle scenes, nearby feet hitting the pavement and the vroom-vroom of the racetrack are sounds that will grace your ears in a whole new, innovative way

- Kimberly Gedeon, Laptopmag

Sounds like a good idea

- Mike Straw, PCINVASION

Immerse for Logitech G improves game audio with a pic of your ear

Experience Your Favorite Games with Personalized Spatial Audio

Compatible with All PC Games

Directional Sound Accuracy

Hear the exact location of audio cues such as footsteps and reload sounds before your enemy hears you.

Relative Audio Scale

Feel the roar of a draconian god towering over you or the menacing rumble of a HEMI engine under the hood.

Sound Separation

Identify the distinct groans of multiple zombies slithering after you instead of the combined moans sounding like one muddied sound.

Turn your ears into Lethal Weapons with Immerse

Ready to Try? Hearing is Believing.


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Auto-renews, Cancel anytime


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